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MCI global scholarships for non-EU/EEA citizens available - details please can be found here


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Admission requirements

The admission requirements are listed under “Admission” on the webpage for the study program concerned.

Selection process

Admission to all MCI study programs is based on a selection process. The dates for the selection process are to be found on the webpage for the study program concerned (see end of page) and are also listed on the Admissions deadlines page.

Applications for a place on a study program must be submitted online accompanied by the necessary documents. Applications must be received by the closing date. Please be aware that applications by applicants from non-EU member states are only accepted if submitted online. It should also be noted that you may need to allow for more time for preparation in order to have documents certified or complete visa formalities. You are accordingly advised to apply as early as possible. Should the number of applications received exceed the number of places available, they will be allocated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Curriculum vitae / documentation submitted
  • Written entrance exam
  • Interview

Applicants will be informed of the results as soon as possible.

Tuition fee deposit

Applicants from states other than EU and EEA member states and Switzerland are required to pay a tuition fee deposit of EUR 50 with their online application. Applications can only be processed after receipt of this deposit.

The tuition fee deposit will be deducted from the tuition fees when the applicant is accepted for enrollment at the MCI. Should the application be rejected, the tuition fee deposit will be refunded on request (less bank charges and exchange rate differences) as long as the application for a refund is received by 31 October of the year of application. Should the applicant be accepted for enrollment at the MCI but decline or fail to take up the place awarded, the tuition fee deposit will not be refunded.

Allocation of places

In order to take account of applicants’ time constraints, the MCI operates a staggered admissions procedure. The process is normally organized with three separate admission sessions, although this can vary from one study program to another. However, it is impossible to predict how many applicants will present themselves at the various sessions, and how many places will be allocated immediately to applicants with above-average qualifications. For that reason it is advisable to attend the earliest possible session.Aufnahmeverfahren_en

*Applicants can still be accepted for the program and are placed on a waiting list. On completion of the admissions process, any places awarded but not taken up are allocated to applicants on the waiting list in the order of their position on the list.

** Any places not taken up at the beginning of the study program are normally allocated to applicants on the waiting list. As many of them may have accepted employment or a place in another program in the meantime, the MCI will sometimes organize a last-minute admissions procedure for which people can register who have not already applied. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participation in the admission procedure is free of charge. However, in order to cover expenses the MCI reserves the right to impose a fee to the amount of EUR 50,- on persons failing to appear at a pre-arranged admission-procedure appointments. Notice of cancellation must be given at least two working days before an appointment is due to take place.

Detailed information on the admission procedures for the individual study programs and preparatory documents for the written entrance exams are provided under “Application” on the webpage for the study program concerned (see end of page).

Contract of study

When a student is accepted, a Contract of Education is concluded, which stipulates the relationship between MCI (Management Center Innsbruck) and the student. At the core of the contract is the definition of the rights and obligations of both parties, e.g.
  • Teaching of degree courses in accordance with existing legal provisions
  • Provision of required basic conditions, resources, teaching staff, etc.
  • Active contribution to education
  • Ensuring attendance
  • Respecting exam regulations
  • Completion of an internship
  • etc.
Moreover, the Contract of Education contains information and rules regarding academic degree, specializations/elective modules etc., interruption of studies, tuition fees, cancellation of the contract including examples of possible reasons for cancellation, terms and conditions, house rules etc.

pdfModel contract of study

Tuition fees

1. Students from EU & EEA countries

For nationals of the following countries, tuition fees are currently EUR 363,- per semester plus membership fee for the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) EUR 19.20 :

  • EU citizens
  • EEA citizens including Swiss citizens 
  • Nationals of third countries who are covered by Section 1 of the Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons (BGBl II no. 340/2013 as amended) pursuant to Article 2 of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences Studies Act.

Detailed information (country list and regulation on eligible groups of persons)

2. Students from third countries

For nationals of third countries who are not in any of the above groups, tuition fees are currently charged as follows:

  • For Bachelor programs: EUR 5,000 per semester plus membership fee for the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH)
  • For Master programs: EUR 7,000 per semester plus membership fee for the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH)

The nationality documents submitted will be scrutinized in the course of the admissions procedure.

3. Scholarships & Grants

More information about sources of financial support & contact adresses can be found here.

MCI Global Scholarship

The MCI Global Scholarship

  • is targeted at highly qualified students who are citizens of countries from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland)
  • is only available for students who are required to pay the current annual tuition fee of the respective study program
pdfFlyer - Global Scholarship

The scholarships are selective and are based on the results of the MCI admissions and selection process. No consideration is taken of the students' financial needs in the selection process.

The MCI scholarships may cover 25%, 50% or 75% of the tuition fee. Students are required to cover the remaining amount of the tuition fee and their entire living expenses by their own means. The scholarship value will be deducted from the tuition fee and not be disbursed directly to the student.

The scholarship selection process will be undertaken in parallel with the relevant program selection process. Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered for MCI scholarships. The application for the MCI Global scholarship is part of the online application form. You do not need to complete and hand in a separate form.

In order to receive a scholarship, you must have been admitted to a MCI study program for the relevant academic year.

Scholarship notifications will be sent together with the letter of admissions. The scholarship receiver must confirm by accepting the offered scholarship before the set deadline. If a response is not received by the due date, the scholarship offer will lapse.

Scholarships will be awarded for the whole duration of a study program (3 or 2 years), provided the student continuously meets the learning expectations and students’ responsibilities of the respective study program.  In case the learning expectations and responsibilities are not met, the scholarship can be withdrawn for the next academic year.

Please note that the scholarship personal "motivation letter" (maximum 300 words) is different from any statement of purpose you may be required to submit as part of your program application documents.  Your scholarship personal "motivation letter" should explain why your academic performance and reasons for applying to MCI  make you an appropriate recipient for a MCI  Global Scholarship.



To ensure that accepted students take up their places and do not break off their studies without good cause, a deposit in the amount of the student fees is charged, which subsequently goes towards tuition fees for the second semester.

Visa/Entry Regulations

Students from third countries pursuing studies in Austria need a student residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung "Studierender") and/or a visa for entry. Please click here for more information.

On successful completion of the entrance examination, MCI will issue provisional admission. This enables you to apply for the visa and residence permit at the Austrian Embassy of your home country.