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Legalization of foreign documents in higher education.

Documents from foreign countries have to pass a predetermined legalization process in order to be recognized in Austria unless the country is exempted from legalization.

The following required documents in regard to the application process have to be legally attested:
  • Exam of vocational middle school or certification of vocational training (if applicable)
  • School-leaving exam / transcript of final school year (if applicable)
  • University entrance / equivalent exam (if applicable)

Additionally for Master’s Programs:
  • Bachelor’s diploma or equivalent diploma of a 3-year degree program at a national / international higher education institution
  • (Final) Transcript / Transcript of Records (has to show all completed courses)

In regard to the legalization process a student from a certain country has to deal with one of the following options:
  • Exemption from any legalization
  • Partly exempted through “The Hague Convention”
  • Full diplomatic legalization

List of countries with relevant information regarding the legalization procedure.